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Commercial Cleaning Services

Our Commercial Cleaning Services like janitorial services which provides clean, safe, healthy working and living environments. It is fast, personal, consistent service at competitive pricing throughout Sri Lanka. Our clients span the Corporate, Industrial, and Commercial, Retail, Institutional, Educational and Medical sectors.

Presenting a clean business environment is important to impressing clients and customers and improving the wellbeing of your employees. Our commercial cleaning services ensures a worry-free way for your business to maintain a professional atmosphere for the people inside it. Let us scrub your worries away, so you can concentrate more on your business.

Whether you require daily office cleaning services or a weekly or monthly service, we will customize an office cleaning program specifically geared for your business

Our Clients

Our mission

To provide the customer with all residential and commercial cleaning services in an environmentally sound, completely trustworthy, and professional manner with the right training and certifications

"There is no easy cleaning job"

Why outsource cleaning services
• We are specialists in what we do
• We have the right training and certifications for the type of job
• We know more about what type of chemicals to use to protect the people inside your home and offices, as well as protecting the environment from harmful agents and chemicals

Benefits of your company outsourcing cleaning to Advanced Environmental Services (Private) Limited.
• You will release cleaning department to our company, who is professionally qualified to provide them with the cleaning services that they need.
• You will expect higher quality and delivery of our service.
• Procurement of cleaning products and supplies will no longer be your obligation.
• You will no longer hire staffs for normal cleaning.
• Your employees can focus into more important duties. It is always the best solution to hire professionals.