• Commercial Dry Vacuums from 9 to 50 capacity
  • Commercial Wet and Dry Vacuums from 15 to 80 liters.
  • Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuums from 20 to 100 liters capacity
    Available in 240v: 110v: battery: air
  • Health and safety vacuums for the collection of Hazardous material.
  • Air operated vacuums in wet and dry format for use where electrically operated equipment is forbidden.

Internal & external commercial floor cleaning equipment

Clean and maintain terminal floors to a high standard

Keep your internal &external floor beautifully clean & safe with the factory cat range of battery powered scrubber dryers, sweepers, and high-speed polishers

Scrubber Dryers-pedestrian & Ride on

The scrubbers range from compact machines for washroom floors to concourse cleaning equipment that can scrub large areas in one operation, leaving floors clean, dry & safe to use. Our disc scrubbers can also be used to recondition concrete, terrazzo & marble floors, with a range of diamond discs and pads.

Sweepers – pedestrian & Ride on

Factor Cat sweepers for large area cleaning with exceptional dust control, both models can be used for carper sweeping providing a quiet, fast efficient system for removing debris from hard & soft floors.

Burnishes – Pedestrian & Ride on

For the ultimate shine on hard floors, factory Catultra-high-speed polishing machine are highly productive, leaving floors attractive and easier to keep clean.
We have a range of industrial and commercial floor scrubber dryers; scrubber sweepers are sweepers in ride-on or pedestrian models. Our scrubbers and sweepers are available with available with different types of brusher or discs for cleaning & sweeping all types of hard floors. Please find below a simple guide to airport terminal and hanger floor cleaning

Smooth concrete or Terrazzo

We would recommend a disc brush scrubber drier with either scrubber brushers or floor pads. Diamond pads can be used on a disc machine to impart a high shine on concrete if required. The magnum SNAP with its high-speed brushes is ideal for getting an outstanding shine on you concrete/Terrazzo floor

Smooth Painted

Disc machine always clean the best on smooth floors but you will have to sweep before you scrub, cylinder machine will do the job in one operation but will not impart or Maintain s shine on a painted hard floor.
Diamond pads on a disc machine will recondition a dull epoxy floor and give a shine if required.

Rough Painted: Non-Slip

Always difficult to clean non slip floors respond well to the cylinder type brush with a high-quality chemical. A scrubber that dries the floor well gets the best result on a hard floor with a non-slip floor covering.