Office Cleaning Services to Meet All Your Needs

  • Emptying trash bins and replace bags every day
  • Thoroughly vacuuming all carpets
  • Sweeping and mopping all tile and wood flooring
  • Sanitizing door handles
  • Dusting room fixtures on a weekly basis
  • Making sure all lights are turned off and all doors are locked at the end of each session

Room Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning the inside of refrigerators, coffeemakers, and microwaves
  • Sanitizing the outside handles of these appliances
  • Wiping down counter tops, cabinets, tables, and chairs
  • Cleaning the sink, the faucet, and its handles
  • Checking and replacing the roll of paper towels

Common Area Cleaning Services

  • Cleaning of Elevators and Escalators
  • Cleaning all glass doors/windows/furniture
  • Wiping down any exposed woodwork
  • Turning off all lights in the room and locking the door