General Janitorial Services

Building Maintenance Services

  • Building maintenance cleaning services – Contractual cleaning services cater to day-to-day maintenance of building, shopping complex, trade center, condominium, factory, workshop, warehouse, sports stadium and complex, theme park, concert hall, school and etc.

Trans Maintenance Services

  • Terminal cleaning services – A cleaning system cater for day-to-day cleaning of high – traffic environment i.e., airport, Railway Station and bus terminal. Cabin cleaning.

Residential Cleaning Services

  • General cleaning services – Intensive cleaning services cater for residential house and apartment.
  • Housekeeping services – General in – house

Floor Care

  • Carpet Vacuuming /Shampooing
  • Cement floor Polishing /waxing
  • Terrazzo floor Sealing /waxing
  • Vinyl floor Sealing /waxing
  • Terracotta floor cleaning
  • Tile floor cleaning
  • parquet floor cleaning
  • stated Vinyl floor cleaning
  • Granite floor cleaning
  • wooden floor cleaning

Floor care services – A treatment and cleaning system cater for the maintenance of all types of granite, marble, natural stone, ceramic, wooden, synthetic and fabricated floor finishes.

Office Cleaning Services

  • General cleaning for corporate office.
  • Sanitize the premises


Advanced Environmental Services (Private) Limited is committed to provision of quality cleaning services.

All the staff are responsible for compliance with the quality management system and for ensuring that all procedures and work instructions are properly executed and that standards are met.

All affected staff shall be trained in those processes  they are required to perform the adoption of the quality management system is essential to the continued growth and success of the business.

Food Industry

  • It has been accepted as rapid and hygienic way in  removing grease and grime and since food industry must be free from bacteria and microorganisms, steam cleaning best suits the industry in providing your business with methods in the most hygienic way killing harmful bacteria in the process.


  • Research and studies show that steam cleaning method keep hospitals and healthcare centers hygienic
    and free from bacteria by using saturated steam that works effectively to decontaminate all those hand
    contact points such as beds, patient’s equipment’s, and particularly in those hard-to-reach areas where
    hands and normal cleaning process has very difficult access off.
  • Mangrove technicians are trained to use
    our steam cleaning equipment’s to assure those places are properly cleaned and decontaminated.